Launched in 2000 this is the main music expression of Swedish
composer F. Andersson. The music can be described as neoclassical
and "filmic" music, although being anchored in own emotions, with
inspiration deriving from relations, nature, science and exploration.
An awe for space, earth, living beings, loving beings, art and more.

"It's rational to be emotional".

Other (previous) endeavours by Andersson includes film music for
short films, commissions/collaborations, and other own projects
within a wide range of genres, some played on Swedish national
radio, and own video played on MTV 2007.

In 2015 Andersson received a cultural- and development scholar-
ship from the Region of (the county) Östergötland. In Swedish
Region Östergötlands kultur- och utvecklingsstipendium.
This lead to the completion of the work "Vestige" and completion
and publication of more works.

Andersson is currently, in 2017, working on new music. Contact
if you want to support the quest of publishing more music.

All music is composed, arranged, performed and produced by
F. Andersson

© F. Andersson 2000 - 2017. All rights reserved.