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March 2018

September 2017

"Swedish paleontology professor and metal devotee Mats E. Eriksson invited some of his
favorite musicians and recorded an album that sonically pays homage to a group of
exceptionally preserved, half-a-billion-year-old fossils, which is target of his research.

The PRIMORDIAL RIGOR MORTIS record features four tracks with lyrics penned by
Eriksson (SPIDER DEATH BC). The lines deal with the extraordinary, so-called ‘Orsten’
fossils from the Cambrian Period (c. 541-485 million years ago) while simultaneously
being staged in a dark, ‘metal’ landscape..."

Official Bandcamp »

July 2017

Article/interview about the "Ode to Hubble" work (in Swedish) »

June 2017

"In February 2017 the Hubble travelling exhibition Our Place in Space was launched in Venice, Italy.
In the exhibition both astronomers and artists present their own interpretations of where we are, where
we belong, what our past might have been and what our future might look like, by using Hubble images,

artworks and installations. Combining the different perspectives by bringing together art and science
gives a unique, and more complete, view of the Universe we live in and the research, both in science
and the arts, being done to understand it.

This episode of the Hubblecast takes the viewer on a journey through the exhibition and presents both
the art and the stunning Hubble images within it, and combines them with written comments left by
visitors to the exhibitions."

Directed by: Mathias Jäger
Images: NASA, ESA/Hubble, Mathias Jäger, Pam Jeffries, Antonella Nota
Videos: NASA, ESA/Hubble, Mary Estacion (STScI)
Animations: NASA, ESA/Hubble, M. Kornmesser
Music: Fredrik Andersson
Executive producer: Lars Lindberg Christensen

Official site (and full credits) »

Read more about the Our Place in Space exhibition »

Composed in 2015, the full work Ode to Hubble can now be heard in its entirety.
The title theme was composed as part of a competition held by the European Space Agency,
and thanks to the vast inspiration induced by the awe-creating imagery of the Hubble Telescope
this grew into a larger work:

November 2016

All music: F. Andersson
Vocals on "Terrestrial Signals": Elina Tervonen »
Cover photography: Andreea Chiru »

October 2016

Vocals: Elina Tervonen »
Model/photography: Natalie Paquette »
Stock (ink) footage: CyberWebFX

September 2016


July 2016

Photography: David, »

May 2016

Cover photography: Димка Арасланов

Voice: Astronaut Anna Lee Fisher

March/April 2016

Interview in Corren about "Vestige" (in Swedish) »

24th of March: The work "Vestige" has now been completed.

Cover photography: Andreea Chiru »

Audiovisual for "Hands I"
Still photo: Vitaly Andreev

Watchlisten larger »


Audiovisual for "Stationary Journey"
Still photo: Nodvikov Evgeniy

Watchlisten larger »

January 2016

EDGES OF THE CORE: Conclusive Curiosity

Voice: Mathias Osvath »


December 2015

November 2015

F. Andersson has received a Culture and development scholarship from the Region of (county) Östergötland.

F. Andersson har mottagit Region Östergötlands kultur- och utvecklingsstipendium 2015.

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